While Silicon Valley has the buzz — and an HBO series about high-tech startups — 810 miles to the east, the Utah Valley is holding its own.

A report released Tuesday by the Brookings Institution in Washington highlighted how Provo, Utah — where software design is the biggest job generator — is benefiting from the dot-com economy.

Here are five reasons why northern California shouldn’t get too cocky.

1. Utah had three cities — Provo, Ogden and Salt Lake City — among the top 15 in the U.S. with the biggest concentration of advanced-industry jobs driven by STEM demand.

“Silicon Valley gets all the hype, but those three metro areas are quietly building a very serious, diversified advanced industries sector-and have the growth to show for it,” said Mark Muro, director of policy for Brookings’ metro program, in an interview.

2. If you look at dollars per deal — venture-capital money divided by new tech companies formed — Provo shoots past the big guns, according to data collected by the National Venture Capital Association for the first nine months of 2014.

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