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Madeleine Ary Hahne is seeking a doctorate degree as a step to help with climate change and bridge political divides. Lyndie Mitchell Zollinger envisions doubling as a professor and researcher in biomechanics and engineering.

They are now one step closer to those dreams, with Hahne and Zollinger joining Morgan Healy as the three Latter-day Saint women in the United States to receive the prestigious Gates Cambridge Scholarship this year.

Hahne was at home with her husband when the notification email entered her inbox: “I burst out, ‘Oh my gosh, I think I actually got the scholarship!’”

“It was extremely exciting for us,” she continued, adding it was a moonshot she never thought she’d get. After a few prayerful days, she said accepting the scholarship felt like “the right choice.”

The Gates Cambridge Scholarship program — established in October 2000 with a $210 million donation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — offers 80 full-cost scholarships to applicants from countries outside the United Kingdom to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any available subject at the University of Cambridge.

“It covers the cost of my flight there, as well as tuition, housing, child care, any expenses related to my academic travels or conferences that I may attend and incidentals,” said Hahne, who is pregnant with her first child.

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