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With a desire to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and live the two great commandments, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints engaged in 3,692 humanitarian projects in 190 countries and territories in 2022 — with 6.3 million hours of volunteer work and $1.02 billion in expenditures.

The Church’s new 2022 Caring for Those in Need annual report was released on March 22. on

An introduction from the First Presidency said Church leaders are pleased to share the annual report on the Church’s work to care for God’s children.

“Jesus Christ is the perfect example of caring for those in need,” the First Presidency wrote. “As His followers, we seek to love God and our neighbors throughout the world. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is eager to bless others and to help those in need. We are blessed to have the ability, resources and trusted global connections to carry out this sacred responsibility, which we consider a joyful privilege.”

2022 Church donations and service at a glance

The more than $1 billion helped others through humanitarian projects and charitable relief, donated commodities and donated clothing, fast-offering assistance, orders from bishops’ storehouses and Deseret Industries stores, and Church operations such as Family Services counseling, employment centers, farms and food-processing facilities.

The 6.3 million hours of volunteer work came through service at Church facilities such as farms, orchards, canneries, Deseret Industries and more; missions to care for those in need, including volunteer service around the world; and Church-sponsored community service projects, including cleanup after natural disasters.

In addition, JustServe, a free online platform connecting charitable and nonprofit organizations with volunteers, facilitated more than 130,511 volunteer projects, including 16,285 new projects.

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