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As part of the upcoming 2021 Youth Music Festival, the Church’s Strive To Be Instagram and YouTube published a new music video “Small Things” on Sunday, Feb. 21.

It’s one of 10 videos of songs from the 2021 youth music album that will be published weekly on various Church social media channels and the Gospel Living app over the next three months.

“Welcome to the 2021 Youth Music Festival. We hope you enjoy the first of many music videos coming your way. Stay tuned for more every week!” the Instagram post stated, using the hashtag #AGreatWork.

“Miracles CAN happen, and sometimes all they require are just the small and simple things. Prayer, scripture study, saying hi to that person in the halls who looks alone, sending a text — ‘That’s what really matters.’”

The second annual Youth Music Festival on Wednesday, March 17, will be a prerecorded virtual concert featuring testimonies by youth and Church leaders and photos, videos and performances from around the world — similar to the 2020 Youth Music Festival held in July. 

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