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Months of work from a new Makurdi Nigeria District presidency, full-time missionaries and members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in this West African nation resulted in an unprecedented baptismal service on June 24.

Seventy-three people were baptized that day, reported the Church’s Africa Newsroom.

“Great miracles were recorded although the adversary fought back,” said Iniembe Hembadoon Linda of the Makurdi district. “We overcame all our challenges by the power of the Holy Ghost, who actually led this great work.”

And the combined efforts of missionaries, local leaders and members in the Jos Nigeria District has led to new baptisms there, including 37 people being baptized on July 23, less than a month after the multiple Makurdi baptisms.

The Jos District has seen huge growth — the Church News reported in May that a total of 104 people were baptized in three baptismal services over the course of the previous two months.

Much of it began with Simon Panan Mwanchi, who desired to share the gospel with his family, friends and neighbors in Mangu.

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