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With the arrival of the new year comes a lot of new curriculum for the Church’s many organizations. We’ve got a list of 10 really awesome resources for teachers, leaders, and students to make the most out of their gospel study!

2017 Mutual Theme Song & Album

The 2017 Mutual Theme comes from James 1:5-6. The Church has done a really great job of creating a vast library of free resources to inspire youth around the world. One of the best is a yearly album inspired by the theme, which includes a main theme song. You can watch it above. See all of the resources here.

Gordon B. Hinckley Online Exhibit

This year, the Relief Society and Priesthood will be studying from the life of President Gordon B. Hinckley. Not only can you get a hard copy of the manual here, but there is also an online exhibit created by the Church’s history department. An intimate and interactive experience, the exhibit includes multiple exclusive videos, photographs, and more. You can access it here!

2017 Primary Printable Pack

There are a lot of packs you can get, but this one is definitely our favorite. The bright colors and multiple designs will make both leaders and children smile. You download it straight to your computer to print off what you need. It comes with:

  • 1 Yearly Theme Poster
  • 12 Monthly Theme Posters
  • Customizeable Primary Presidency Binder Covers
  • Customizeable Teacher Binder Covers
  • Classroom Door Signs
  • Birthday Cards

You can get it here.

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