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When John Hewlett, founder of Cardio Miracle contacted us a few years ago to talk about his health product, it was the definition of a cold call. We didn’t know him and hadn’t heard of his product and are very busy with a daily magazine and a weekly podcast. It seems like everybody has a product to sell that will change your life, and I am naturally wary, as I think most of us are.

Yet, John persisted and we finally agreed to give him one hour to present his product to us. Three hours passed as we talked about Cardio Miracle because he was talking about something we really needed to know—something we really had to know. We had question after question for him and we became convinced that Cardio Miracle and the nitric oxide it stimulates your body to produce was a key to preventing many of the health problems people face.

Our health really matters to us, and we have noticed that as we get a little older, we have to work harder and smarter to retain that vibrant health. My husband, Scot, had a heart attack when he was only 42—and that same night he found out that he had diabetes. That’s a diagnosis you don’t want to hear.

I have asthma and a family history of heart disease. I have often wondered when that family history will catch up with me. 

We learned that as time passes and with the aging process, your body produces less nitric oxide—and nitric oxide production makes a huge difference in your health across the board because it allows your blood vessels to absorb more oxygen and keeps them supple. (Just the opposite of hardening of the arteries.) It keeps those tiny arteries in your brain, lungs, gums and all organs functioning at their best.

There is a reason why heart disease, cancer, stress, fatigue, diabetes, dementia and so much more is affected by Cardio Miracle.

We didn’t want to give John Hewlett any of our time, but we have now taken Cardio Miracle for several years, and count that meeting as changing our health lives forever.  I don’t say that lightly, and it is not just an ad pitch. It is what I would tell my brother and my best friends and anybody I love– (and by the way, I did).

What is nitric oxide?

How can it be so good for you?

Why was the Nobel Prize given for its discovery?

You don’t want to miss out learning about this that could make so much difference in how you feel.

Do you want to know more? Just give us an hour and join us for a Webinar, Sept 2, at 6:00 p.m. Mountain time, with John Hewlett, Stanford Graham and Robert Scott Bell, who are experts on this topic.

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