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Cover image via LDSLiving. 

When Alex Boye received a copy of the Book of Mormon from his ward mission leader along with a challenge to give the book away during the week, he never imagined fulfilling this duty could create national headlines.

Later that week, Boye found himself in London performing for a charity that celebrates the accomplishments of inner-city kids called “The Prince’s Trust.” One day during the tour, Boye heard a frantic voice yelling from the hallway, “Quick, hurry! Prince Charles wants to meet everyone” (“Prince Charles and the Book of Mormon“). “We thought it was a joke,” Boye remembers, until he saw a scarlet helicopter with the royal family’s crest landing on the lawn.

Scrambling to get dressed, Boye ran downstairs, anxious and flustered to meet the heir and possible next monarch of England. But, as Boye stood on ceremony with his band members, he felt a persistent urge to return to his room. Unable to shake the feeling, Boye asked his band to save his place as he sprinted upstairs.

Boye stared blankly at his room, confused by the prompting. “I went to my room and stood there looking around and asking myself, ‘What now?’ Then I saw my copy of the Book of Mormon my ward mission leader gave me,” Boye writes. “I grabbed it, stuck it in my back pocket and rushed back downstairs.” With this inexpensive, mass-produced copy of scripture tucked away, Boye prepared for his audience with Prince Charles.

As Prince Charles walked along the line of staff and celebrities, shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries, Boye searched for something witty or unforgettable to say, but his mind went blank. The prince came and went, leaving Boye standing there with a navy blue book still sticking out of his back pocket.

As Prince Charles and his entourage prepared to board the helicopter, Boye knew he couldn’t let this moment pass.

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