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In the days before the Washington D.C. Temple open house this April — while filming an exclusive tour of the renovated edifice with a national media outlet — Elder David A. Bednar made an interesting discovery.

There are no shadows in the Washington D.C. Temple.

“The lighting in the temple seems to permeate everything,” said Elder Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles.

Simply said, Elder Bednar and a CBS news crew were “impressed by the light.”

The media specialists, working to produce an Easter morning special report with Ed O’Keefe, would normally use a number of devices to balance the lighting in a room. But in the temple, that equipment was not necessary, explained Elder Bednar.

Dan Holt, the Church’s project manager for the Washington D.C. Temple renovation, said the crew was amazed by the “even and easy” lighting.

“When you walk through the building, you just feel a sense of rightness,” said Holt. “It feels good. You don’t necessarily know why because everything works together to just make it feel like you belong. There’s nothing that draws your eye too much. There’s nothing that detracts from the rest of the design at all. It just fits.”

It is quintessential mid-century modern design, he added. “Everything works, and it just feels right.”

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