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KAHULUI, Hawaii — Gathering for two sacrament meetings on Sunday morning, Aug. 20, members of the Lahaina 1st and 2nd Wards sang, worshiped and united in their mourning — and their hope — almost two weeks after deadly and destructive wildfires killed five members of their stake and destroyed almost their whole town.

Kahului Hawaii West Stake President Benjamin J. Hanks told the Latter-day Saints to look to the light of Jesus Christ.

“My heart is cracked, it is broken. But the Savior is willing to mend all that is broken,” he said.

Bishop W. Christopher Waddell, first counselor in the Presiding Bishopric, presided at the meeting and bore testimony of the Savior Jesus Christ and the hope He provides.

He shared with them how the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles love and pray for the Saints on Maui.

Bishop Waddell has spent the weekend in visits with community organizations, government leaders, nonprofit groups, relief agencies and others responding to the wildfires.

“It is remarkable to see the respect and honor in which you are held,” he told the Saints.

That afternoon, Bishop Waddell announced a $1 million donation from the Church to the American Red Cross to help relief efforts on Maui.

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