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Jasmine, a 10-year-old Havanese, knows over 100 unique tricks. This talented dog has been on international, national and local television stations — including “Good Morning America” and “Animal Planet.” She has also been in commercials and photo shoots. Her YouTube videos have millions of views and her social media friends hail from all over the world.

“Animals are super popular on YouTube,” said CJ Jackson, Jasmine’s owner and trainer. “People would find her videos and share them and share them and now my dog is crazy popular!”

Not only does Jasmine do tricks for her adoring social media fans, but she is also a therapy dog. And with Jackson, she spreads joy and bring smiles to all those who see her.

The adventure started shortly after Jackson got the Havanese puppy. Jackson didn’t set out to make Jasmine a celebrity trick dog — she didn’t even know how to train a dog. With the help of books, a class and YouTube videos, she set out to train her puppy to sit, stay and go outside for her business. However, Jackson said Jasmine caught on so quickly and soon the pair was learning more tricks.

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