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The latest music video from Jenny Oaks Baker and Family Four is a musical family affair perfectly suited to the melodies of The Sound of Music. The family shot on location in the stunning Austrian countryside, but the serene setting didn’t make for an effortless moviemaking process. In Jenny Oaks Baker’s own words:

“Creating this video was truly one of the best experiences of my life, but our family had to overcome a lot of trials in order to do so. Four days before we started filming, while we were visiting Pisa Italy, our rental van was broken into and all our luggage, backpacks, purses, wallets, passports, Sarah’s cello, an accordion, all our music, and our drone- basically everything we brought for our trip to Europe- was stolen. (Miraculously, my violin, Laura’s violin and Matthew’s guitar were left behind.) So we spent the days right before the video frantically trying to get back on our feet. Blessedly, Director Danny Drysdale had all the costumes with him so they did not have to be replaced, but we had to scurry to find another cello and bow for Sarah, rent an accordion for Hannah and find another drone.

“Thankfully, we were blessed to obtain everything we needed in time to shoot the video. We will never forget the whole incredible, miraculous experience. I know that God is real, He cares about each of us, and He will help us get through all the trials we encounter.”

The hard-won film and the resulting medley with its beautiful visuals are a treat for the eyes and ears and well worth a look. See the video for yourself below: