The YouTube channel “Called to Share” recently reposted this missionary-sung cover of “Belly of the Deepest Love”. This small group of missionaries deliver the song with feeling and beautifully blended, complex harmonies. Originally shared on the Finding Christ Facebook page, the caption read:

Only Jesus Christ had the power to sacrifice Himself & satisfy the demands of justice. He gave up His life willingly because of the love He has for each of His brothers and sisters. This song is a reminder to all, for who we can turn to for light and hope in our lives.

This lovely song is made even better by reading a few of the lyrics. Here is the chorus:

The beats of hammers felt like drums of war
Killed for the words you swore

From the belly of the deepest love
The hills trembling throats sing “hallelujah”
Like the flowers on the dogwood tree
Blush with blame you took for me
Oh, how you wish to be with me
Oh, how you wish to be with me

Listen to the song for yourself below: