In a new video message from President Russell M. Nelson released on Palm Sunday, the prophet shares the harrowing story of a time he was sure he was going to die. But strangely felt at peace, the peace that comes from a deep understanding of the gospel and the gifts that came from Christ’s sacrifice for us.

“The Savior rewrote humanity’s story,” says President Nelson, “Because of Him, we do not have to deal with our frailties, sins, and fears alone.”

During this week that leads up to Easter, President Nelson invites the world to “make this coming week truly holy by remembering — not just the palms that were waved to honor the entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem — but by remembering the palms of His hands.” As Isaiah reminds us in Isaiah 49, the Lord has “graven thee upon the palms of [His] hands”–a promise, the prophet reminds us, that Jesus will never forget you.

This week, President Nelson also invites us to do something to follow Christ’s teachings: “You might make your prayers more earnest. You could forgive someone or help a friend in need. You can start today on a new spiritual quest.”

From the Church Newsroom:

Those looking for a place of worship on Easter are invited to watch the virtual sessions of the Church’s Easter Sunday general conference, the prophet says. “[The conference] will be filled with Christ-centered messages and music. … Let us worship and praise Him for the peace, hope, light and truth He brings to us.”