About a year ago I talked with a friend who had left the Church. Among her concerns, she said, “When I received my endowment, I was given maybe a couple seconds between hearing the new information and then being asked to make a solemn commitment. No time to process. There was no way to interrupt the session and say, ‘Wait! I need to think about this. I don’t even know what all of this means!’”

I understand her feelings. When I received my temple endowment, I wasn’t as prepared as I should have been and remember feeling like I didn’t know what was happening—and as a result feeling a little uncomfortable.

Recently I have met with many young adults who are preparing to go to the temple to receive their endowment. I have asked them, “You will make some covenants in the temple—do you know what they are?” Many, even those who have attended a temple preparation course are not sure about the covenants they will make. Thinking back to my friend’s experience, I have wanted to make sure these young adults know what covenants they are going to make before they attend the temple.

After all, these covenants are not secret. The Church has publicly published them in its handbook. And there is other information that we can share with those who are preparing to attend the temple. Recently, Elder David A. Bednar taught, “Many Church members are unsure about what appropriately can and cannot be said regarding the temple experience outside of the temple” and clarified that there are many things we can discuss outside of the temple.

Elder Bednar quoted President Ezra Taft Benson as saying, “I believe a proper understanding or background will immeasurably help prepare our youth for the temple … [and] will foster within them a desire to seek their priesthood blessings just as Abraham sought his.”

In order to help provide some background preparation for attending the temple, I recently worked with Book of Mormon Central to create a video to provide helpful information for those who are preparing to receive their temple endowment. I walk viewers through what will happen from the moment they enter the temple to receive their own endowment to the time that they leave. In doing so, I am careful to only share what is appropriate to share and at the same time help viewers know what to expect.

For those who are endowed, but haven’t been able to attend the temple for some time because of COVID, this video may assist in remembering the power of the temple. For those who haven’t yet been endowed, I hope this video will help in temple preparation.

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