Our children live in a wonderfully terrifying world of tech that can both build and destroy. It can feel overwhelming and exhausting to stay on top of all the changes and trust our kids are safe. We invited a teen who shares his journey from almost being destroyed by pornography, shame, and depression to now helping parents and teens understand how they can navigate this world safely. His name is Smith Alley and he’s courageously stepping into the light to let others know healing is possible. In this episode, we discuss:

  • Smith’s story
  • What it means to live life bigger
  • What he want parents to know about the dangers of pornography, tech, and social media
  • How parents can help their kids navigate today’s tech challenges
  • How speaking up about his story has helped him in his personal recovery

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About Geoff Steurer I am a licensed marriage and family therapist, relationship educator, and coach with over 20 years of experience. I am the co-author of, ⁠”Love You, Hate the Porn: Healing a Relationship Damaged by Virtual Infidelity”⁠, the host of the weekly podcast, ⁠”From Crisis to Connection”⁠, and have produced workbooks, audio programs, and online courses helping couples and individuals heal from the impact of sexual betrayal, unwanted pornography use, partner betrayal trauma, and rebuilding broken trust. As a leader in the field, I am a frequent contributor on these subjects at national conferences, documentaries, blogs, magazines, and podcasts. I also write a weekly relationship advice column available on my blog. I founded and ran an outpatient sexual addiction and betrayal trauma recovery group program for over 14 years, co-founded and chaired a local conference to educate community members about harmful media, and founded and administered a specialized group therapy practice for over 10 years. I currently maintain a private counseling and coaching practice in beautiful Southern Utah where I live with my wife and children.

About Smith Alley He is the founder of The Live Life Bigger Foundation. After deciding to change the course of his life at age 14, he faces his struggles with pornography and mental health head on, advocating about the effects of social media and pornography on teens. Now a senior in high school, Smith speaks to groups around the country, operates his non profit and continues to work on his business ProtechtStrong; helping parents set up their technology safely and spear the porn talk in the home. Smith keeps up his work while doing school, playing lacrosse, and continually entertaining his car and motorcycle hobbies. Smith hopes that his story and his young perspectives will inspire people to live a more fulfilling life beyond their screen, and his love for others will be felt in leaps and bounds. Email: sm********@li************.org Website: ⁠www.livelifebigger.org