From the Independent Journal:

Students and parents alike were disappointed when they heard the news that a 70-year tradition was about to be broken. At East Liverpool High School in Ohio, the choir sang the Lord’s Prayer at every graduation, but the threat of a lawsuit stopped them this year.

The threat came in the form of a letter from Wisconsin group the Freedom from Religion Foundation, which stated that in accordance with the separation of church and state, they needed to stop the choir from singing a prayer at a public graduation.

The school board recognized the threat of a lawsuit and chose not to engage in what they knew was likely to be a long and costly legal battle. School board president Larry Walton explained:

“We said ‘okay, we just won’t do it anymore.’

It was a decision made because we don’t have a lot of money and we’d rather hire teachers than pay lawyers.

It’s a war we can’t win.”

The students didn’t let anybody stop them. At graduation, the valedictorian, raised his arms and the entire class stood up and recited the Lord’s prayer in unison to a thunderous applause.

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