As we watched the world turn-over in face of the Covid-19 virus, we felt secure in our mission assignment at the Paris Temple Visitor’s center.  We continued to receive diminishing numbers of visitors with a hand over the heart rather than a shake of the hands.  We kept our social distancing in mind and continued to bask in the spirit of our assignment and fellow missionaries.  At first, we heard rumors of some of the senior missionaries cutting their missions short to return home.  They were following the advice of family medical personnel.  We were at first incredulous that the flu could curtail the work of the Lord or bring the world to a halt.  A nephew and his party barely escaped from their vacation cruise to Italy by going to Spain then Paris, in order to get home.  Their visit to this temple was a relief to them, just in time before it closed, as each of the other European temples had done just before their arrival. 

To our surprise, the next morning we received the news that all senior couples were being sent home!

The websites gave conflicting details, so we reassured the mission president that we felt just as comfortable here as home so, if needed, we could stay.  We knew some things about the flu and our physiology that gave us confidence, but little did we know how powerful continued research would produce even more. 

We received a research paper upon our arrival from our good friend John Hewlett of Cardio-Miracle.  We had been consuming Cardio-Miracle since before our mission, finding that our daily endurance was improved, which we needed for all those long days as the Visitor Center closed at 9 pm seven days a week.  But now with this new information, we were even more reassured of our safety.  We also already knew that with the connection between flu season and winter months, vitamin D in Cardio-Miracle was a significant factor especially since the cardio formula magnified its effects on our immune system.[1]  The peer reviewed paper came from Dr Malinski of the Nanomedical Research Laboratories at the University of Ohio.[2]

The conclusion of the paper has powerful implications in our harried environment from multiple stresses including viruses, finances, social pressures, government intervention, cultural and language differences, travel, etc.  The common factor in all forms of stress is the production of peroxynitrite which produces oxidative stress, decreasing the effectiveness of our normal immune system, degrading the circulatory system, reducing available energy and immunity.  Cardio Miracle was put to the test resulting in a measured 50% improvement by both decreasing the peroxynitrite and increasing the available nitric oxide so essential to our physiology.  The combination of ingredients in Cardio Miracle especially the double pathway usable nitric oxide and vitamin D, is synergistic in its effect on our health and immunity, multiplying the effectiveness of each individual component.[3] 

(John also sent other links verifying the efficacy of Cardio in this specific Coronavirus situation.  Here is one such link.)

But I digress from our adventure.  The mission president passed along our preference with gratitude but was inundated with messages and their implications for the mission, so we didn’t hear back from him until an email came later that morning from the missionary department to all seniors saying that there were no exceptions, we were all going home!  We were in shock!  When would we leave, what would happen to the center?  I was scheduled to give firesides on Saturday, Sunday, then on Wednesday, plus meeting visitors entering the VC each day.

Our house was being rented until September.  We had sold our car and so had no transportation.  Our phone accounts had been closed so we would have no communications once home.  We would be obligatorily quarantined for two weeks upon arriving…but where? 

Then, having seen the email, Elder Bourroux, the Center director, took over our shift and sent us out to pack and arrange our affairs.  We promised to be back in the morning to take our usual shift.  We were off to throw everything into our suitcases we hadn’t seen for a year, clean the apartment, and prepare to leave…but when?  How many changes of clothes should we keep out, one day, two days, a week…no one knew.  Mid all the scurrying, I emailed the renters in our home and then prepared to search for an apartment that could be rented for a six-month period – if possible, perhaps an extended stay hotel?  Staying with our children would expose them to the possibility of the virus so we turned to prayer as we had so often done in His service.

The next morning Sister Frogley woke with an idea.  “Call our daughter-in-law’s parents and dear friends to see if we could rent their small St. George get-a-way home until our home was available.”  I woke with the idea of reactivating our Verizon sim card so we could communicate upon landing.  I found an email from the renters saying that things had suddenly changed for them too. They needed to be up north and so could vacate by mid-April.  Powers from above were actively moving lives and circumstances.  Father is in the details!  As we walked to the Center, we wondered what else could happen and what more would we discover about the intimate love of our Father. 

We were packed…almost, the apartment cleaned…almost, but we were on duty as we opened the Center at 9:00 am as usual.  An hour later, Elder Bourroux arrived and said we could leave as soon as he got back from an errand at the patron housing.  Sister Frogley felt the need to go back to the apartment for further preparations just as the email came with our plane reservations for the next morning.  She left and I began to lock up so I could follow. Elder Bourroux was taking much longer than he had planned but there were no visitors.  As I crossed the entry way to lock the Family History Center, a young couple passed.  I greeted them and invited them in.

I engaged them at the temple model.  They were full of questions and deep interest.  I finally addressed their most pressing issue of what differentiates us from other Christian Churches.  They were eager to learn and questioned further through the Joseph Smith Story and then the Book of Mormon.  She was French with Lebanese heritage; he was immigrated Lebanese.  They accepted the Book of Mormon and then gave their address and phone to have the sisters contact them.  They live just behind the center.  I thought, “Wow, what a way to finish this mission!”

I was wondering when the bus group would arrive that Elder Bourroux had mentioned just before leaving.  They had called unexpectedly and wanted a tour. Then suddenly the door opened and in they came…a family and youth group from the U.S. and England.  I greeted them and then waited for Sister Curtis, the STL to take charge and show them the temple model.  She hesitated, then just stood waiting for me, it seemed.  I needed to leave but felt compelled, so I jumped in, welcomed and gave them an overview of what the center offered.  Then I asked who was interested in what part, dividing them into groups.  The only one interested in any ancient temple history was a young woman who seemed to know all the right answers.  She encouraged her friend to join her while the rest went with the young sisters to see the model of the Paris temple.

They were eager to learn so I started sharing the tabernacle straight-path and associated “Doctrine of Christ.“  The little member girl stopped me and said that her friend was not a member and wasn’t really sure what I was talking about.  Surprised, I turned my attention to her and tailored the discussion to Moses’ vision where God revealed the tabernacle pattern a shadow of the heavenly realms, with the first principles and ordinances discussion I had developed over the last year.  She was full of questions that then led us to the Paris temple model, which in turn, led us to the Book of Mormon.  She was fascinated and eagerly accepted a Book of Mormon, Joseph Smith pamphlet and an invitation to read and pray about them just as did the Lebanese couple a half-hour earlier.  Then I suggested that she should have a way to follow up so she gave me her phone and address so the missionaries could find and teach her. 

I called the first Lebanese referral to the sister missionaries…Sister Jones, a young sister missionary, was ecstatic to receive the couple referral since all the missionaries had been quarantined to their apartment to on-line and phone proselyting and teaching…new teaching investigators were hard to find. 

When Elder Bourroux came back I gave the young woman referral to him for follow-through since the referral secretary was also going home.  Wow, what a spiritually powerful morning!

To add to it, the family from the bus group that was witness to it all, was on our same flight returning to the United States. We talked and compared notes the next morning waiting at our airport gate.  They reported that while others were out seeing sights that night before, the young woman was reading the Joseph Smith pamphlet.  The mother kept affirming that Father was in charge and it couldn’t have gone more perfectly.   She said that she promised to follow-through with her progress in London over the next few weeks.

The change of focus was just what we needed as I rushed to the apartment with the news for Sister Frogley.  She had nearly finished cleaning and had an impression to call the sisters to come at 6am, the next morning, to help carry all the suitcases five flights down our narrow enclosed spiral staircase because we had been greeted with a sign apologizing for elevator breakdown.  We now knew what to pack…everything!  With packing, farewell phone calls texts and cleaning, we were up until late. 

The reunion with the sisters came early but they were so lifting and fun.  We closed the apartment and gathered at curbside to wait for Elder and Sister Bourroux who were coming to take us to the airport. 

The flight home seemed like something from a dream.  We had had little time to sever relationships and routines or replace them with new imaginings.  Two inflight movies we both watched affected us deeply; Frozen 2 – “Do the next right thing,” and Mr Rogers – “find the best in every person and situation, for God is in charge.”  The next few hours would test to see if we were really hearkening: a four hour passport check and CDC line in Chicago O’Hare airport warehouse full of 5,000 people coming from all over the world[4]; missing our next two connecting flights; struggling with 200+ pounds of luggage that the airline wouldn’t check to the destination; a phone that would give internet access but no voice service; no available hotel rooms; a night trying to sleep in the airport; a last minute gate change – a train ride and walk a mile away; no available key to our borrowed little house and no phone with which to call; no food and a Sabbath day of no shopping, etc. 

However, each time, something good came of the crises: a kind airport janitor; several opportunities to share the gospel, enough exercise to keep our immune system tuned; a 4:30 am stake conference broadcast from our leaders in our France Versailles stake; kind people who made extra preparations and personal sacrifice so we would be able to quarantine; internet messenger; etc, etc.  Father is in the details and every need was met overwhelming our capacity for gratitude.  Fifty hours after leaving our French apartment, as we drank our Miracle herbal Tea[5] before bedtime on American soil, we were overcome with wonder, amazement, and anticipation. My MIRACLE Detox and the Cardio MIRACLE weren’t the only incremental miracles we experienced enfolded in the arms of our loving Savior.

[1] Vitamin D compared to flu vaccines:

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[4] The immigration officer and later the CDC technician asked the same question, “Have you been in recent close contact with anyone infected with the Corona virus?”  I responded to both, “No, not until this last four hours crowded together here!”  They both apologized, expressing their own frustration.  The next evening’s news included a report on the long unbearable lines at the screening centers for incoming flights.  The reporter said that the problems had all been corrected except in Chicago where things were still in chaos.

[5] Thank you, Carolyn Allen – another of those key daily “little things” that has kept us functional, healthy, and with augmented immune systems that endured no sleep, little food, mass social herding, and old age.