At the October 2021 General Conference, Elder Clark G. Gilbert of the Seventy shared a unique perspective, somewhat like a modern day parable, about the way that progress in life is measured differently than you think. The ways in which we strive and succeed are far more important than where we started. A new video from the Church’s YouTube channel illustrates this concept in an unusual and interesting way.

Elder Gilbert’s “Parable of the Slope” is told while an artist illustrates the concept in real-time with a unique medium called sand art. The artist moves and sweeps the sand into different shapes and it is amazing how quickly a blur can become a person and a burgeoning image can become meaningful to the overall story. “We all have different intercepts in life—we start in different places with different life endowments,” says Elder Gilbert. “Some are born with high intercepts, full of opportunity. Others face beginning circumstances that are challenging and seem unfair. We then progress along a slope of personal progress.”