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Sometimes, people may feel like they are living in a storm. Life can feel in commotion during uncertainty over the future, including challenges with families, finances or health.

While reflecting on these difficulties of life, Primary General President Susan H. Porter has thought about what can be learned from hurricanes.

While hurricanes are massive storms — often hundreds of miles or kilometers wide and with strong winds — in the center is a place of calm called the “eye.”

The strongest and fiercest winds are closest to the eye, forming what is called the “eyewall.” So if a person is standing in the center of the storm and looking around, all he or she would see is chaos.

During her BYU–Pathway Worldwide devotional on Tuesday, April 2, President Porter asked, “When winds are blowing and swirling around us, how can we get to the ‘eye’ of our storm and not be discouraged by the most intense challenges directly in front of us?”

She suggested four steps each person can take: stop, pray, remember and move forward.

1. Stop

President Porter said sometimes “we need to stop, stop worrying, stop running faster than we have strength” and instead get centered and reach heavenward.

“Every time we are feeling overwhelmed, we can pause, take our eyes off the confusion that surrounds us and look up to God,” she said.

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