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 President Russell M. Nelson began the 2019 Mission Leadership Seminar on Sunday with a message of hope and guidance for 164 new mission presidents and their partners.

“We know that you have been called by prophecy and revelation,” he said. “You have been foreordained to be leaders in the Lord’s Church at this time. And you will preside over the choicest spirits of this generation.

“We honor you! We thank you! We respect you! We trust you! And we love you!”

The three-day seminar, he promised, will be rich with mission-related instruction from seasoned experts.

“But for now, I would like to express my fondest and prayerful hopes for you,” said President Nelson during the seminar’s traditional sacrament meeting.

Hope No. 1: Spouse and family

The Church president reminded the mission presidents and their partners that their highest personal priority during their service remains one another. Each has an eternal commitment to their spouse. “For each couple, I hope your marriage and your family will be nourished and strengthened during your mission,” he said. “Your families — your children and grandchildren — are yours forever. Through appropriate means, keep as close to them as you can. Even though distances between you may be great, let them feel what you are feeling as you serve the Lord in His work.”

Loyalty to the Lord and love for family are not competitive commitments. They are synergistic.

“An eternal family is the end for which we are all striving. That cannot happen without the Church and its sacred ordinances and covenants. The Church is the means to that end.”

Hope No. 2: Missionaries

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