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I was recently asked a question by a very sincere member of the Church. The question was this: “Sister Jones, do you feel diminished because you don’t hold the priesthood?”

My response was to first ask her a question. “Can you name any blessing that I lack because I don’t hold the priesthood?” She responded by saying, “You can’t preside in a meeting.”

I shared my assurance that I actually have the opportunity to preside in many meetings. I have been given priesthood authority by one who holds priesthood keys. Any Primary, Young Women, or Relief Society presidency member can preside in their respective callings.

“So again,” I asked, “please help me understand what blessings I am missing out on by not holding the priesthood.”

She said, “Well, you can’t give a blessing.”

I explained, “As a priesthood duty, no, I can’t administer a blessing. But the person who administers a blessing matters little compared to whom the blessing really comes from — our Heavenly Father. And through my covenants I can strive to be a blessing in the lives of others.”

Through that revelatory knowledge and power available to me, I can be guided to know who is in need of my help and love. That is certainly a tender blessing of God’s priesthood power in my life.

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