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The other night my husband and I curled up in bed and watched countless Christmas commercials with tears in our eyes. These videos portray the common motif of reaching out to the lonely or needy and bridging social or political chasms, demonstrating the truest meaning of Christmas—to love as Christ did. Along with the inspiring #LightTheWorld videos you can watch here, these videos uplift and motivate you to make the most of this Christmas season by serving someone—even if that someone is your own family member. We loved them so much, I wanted to share them with you.

The Boy And The Piano 

We don’t always remember each Christmas gift we receive, but some gifts are ones that change the course of a life and inspire years of dreams. This video works its way back in time in the life of Elton John to see the gift he got as a child that influenced his whole world.

Christmas 1914

What happened on Christmas day of 1914 on the frontlines of World War I? Instead of fighting the Germans, British soldiers did something extraordinary and unprecedented.

The Man On The Moon

One curious child with a love for peering at the stars spies an old man who is living alone on the moon through her telescope. Though he is thousands of miles away, she comes up with a way to cheer him.

Christmas With Love From Mrs. Claus

Though we think of Santa Claus doing all of the delivery work of presents on Christmas Eve, this video shares the untold story of Mrs. Claus and how she helps a little boy get what he wants most for Christmas—something only she can give.

Come Home

As an elderly man spends Christmas after Christmas alone, he has an idea that he knows will gather his busy children. This video leaves you wondering: what does it take for you to be there for those you love?