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Three of the Church’s 10 missionary training centers worldwide are now training missionaries on site after the March 2020 closure of MTCs because of the global COVID-19 pandemic.

The latest to reopen for in-person training of full-time missionaries was the New Zealand Missionary Training Center, which welcomed 25 new missionaries on June 30.

The flagship Provo Missionary Training Center was the first to resume onsite training of new elders and sisters, beginning on June 23 with 248 new missionaries. The Ghana MTC had 48 new missionaries arrive for its reopening last week.

Also, three more missionary training centers — the Mexico, England and Philippines MTCs — have been cleared to resume in-person training in late July and August.

In Auckland, New Zealand, the 25 missionaries arriving at the MTC are all from New Zealand. Another 12 missionaries from Australia were scheduled to join them but were unable to do so because of recently imposed travel restrictions due to the pandemic; they will continue their training online.

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