Sign up for Meridian’s Free Newsletter, please CLICK HERE is a video series of true stories of people turning their lives around—180°—told in 180 seconds.

The site has 5 videos so far. One of the stories is about a fascinating Latter-day Saint in San Francisco. The 3-part series is about the San Francisco Spider-Man, the most notorious burglar in San Francisco history. Part 3 does an amazing job showing his turnaround.

In the introductory video below, LDS filmmaker TJ Packer explains, “When I first started gathering these stories, I was excited to hone my skills as a filmmaker and storyteller. Now, I’m even more excited to organize and present what I’ve learned from these stories. These stories involve amazing people who are teaching me how to turn things around in my own life.”

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Below is the first in the three-part series about a notorious San Francisco burglar whose life was completely transformed by the love of God.