The following statement was released by Church spokesman Daniel Woodruff on March 27, concerning a confirmed case of COVID-19 for one of the Church’s full time missionaries:

Today, we learned that a young missionary serving in Mexico City has tested positive for COVID-19. The young man, who is from Guatemala, is being treated for his mild symptoms. He and his current companion are isolated away from others.

In accordance with established guidelines from public health agencies, notification is taking place for all those with whom the missionary had recent contact. This includes a previous companion who returned to California two days ago and is in self-isolation at home. At this point, that missionary is not showing any symptoms. Medical professionals are working with the missionary and his family to ensure they take all necessary precautions during the next few weeks.

The Church will continue to reinforce established self-isolation procedures for missionaries who are traveling, at home and in the field. We are monitoring rapidly changing world conditions and are making adjustments as warranted. We take very seriously the health and safety of missionaries and the well-being of those around them.