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The feeling as thousands cheer for a keynote speaker on the RootsTech main stage. The emotion on people’s faces as an inspirational story is shared. The excitement in a research session as a discovery is made. The joy in the expo hall surrounding the latest innovations.

Energy — something that isn’t easy to replicate on an online platform. 

“The way I would describe what we’ve learned is energy,” said Jen Allen, director of events at FamilySearch, of the first all-virtual RootsTech last year. 

“We knew going in that it would be challenging to get energy into a virtual audience. What we’ve done this year is really tried to think about how to bring a higher level of production that then brings better energy in the virtual world.”

Traditionally held in the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, RootsTech was forced to go virtual in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It was an unprecedented experiment that attracted 1 million visitors from 240 countries and territories. 

Building on last year’s success and learnings, RootsTech 2022 is going completely virtual again. The three-day global family history celebration will be March 3-5 and registration is free. Main sessions will be streamed in 11 languages, with other sessions available in 40 languages. This year’s theme is “Choose Connection.”

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