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The Church provides many resources that can enhance gospel learning and help provide answers to doctrinal, historical, and social questions. Since many people are not aware of these resources, I’ve compiled the list below. I’ve also included reliable resources created by BYU and others that may be helpful.

Gospel Study Resources

Resources for Answering Doctrinal, Historical, and Social Questions

  • Book of Mormon Central: Information that was compiled to explain, engage, inspire, and encourage greater knowledge and appreciation of every aspect of the Book of Mormon. Not affiliated with the Church.
  • Church History Essays: Essays from the Church that explain selected Church history events and doctrines. Included in the larger collection of Gospel Topics.
  • Church History Library: Online access to a variety of Church materials and collections such as journals, old photos, and databases.
  • Church History Resources ( Links to various Church history resources.
  • Encyclopedia of Mormonism ( Online access to the Encyclopedia of Mormonism, maintained by BYU.
  • FairMormon: Well-reasoned and faithful responses to doctrinal, historical, and social questions. Not affiliated with the Church.
  • Interpreter Foundation: Nonprofit, independent, educational organization that focuses on LDS scriptures. They publish a peer-reviewed journal, Interpreter: A Journal of Mormon Scripture.
  • Joseph Smith Papers: Manuscripts and documents associated with the Prophet Joseph Smith. Prepared by the Church.
  • Joseph Smith’s Polygamy: Information about Joseph Smith’s plural marriage practices and teachings. Not affiliated with the Church.
  • Mental Health ( Church website with resources about depression, sadness, eating disorders, sexual abuse, schizophrenia, and suicide. Includes in-depth video interviews with members who struggle with these issues.
  • Mormon and Gay ( Church website about same-sex attraction in the context of the Gospel.
  • Mormon Newsroom Topics and Background: Latest statements from the Church on doctrines, beliefs, and policies.
  • Mormon Scholars Testify: Messages of faith from LDS scholars. Not affiliated with the Church.
  • Church’s website with information about the Church (its people, values, and beliefs) for those who are not members of the Church.
  • Preventing Suicide ( Church website with information and resources for those who struggle with thoughts of suicide, those who know someone who does, and those who have lost a loved one to suicide.
  • Religious Freedom: Church website with information about religious freedom and what you can do to protect it.
  • Revelations in Context: Church website that provides historical context and insights for the revelations in the Doctrine and Covenants.
  • Studies in Mormon History: BYU citation information for numerous articles, books, theses, and dissertations on LDS history and culture. Includes some abstracts and links to full text.