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Whitney and Spencer Blake, an LDS couple from Idaho created a series of “infertility announcements” that have recently gone viral. The two struggled for years to conceive and seeing all of the ways other couples announced their good news on social media, gave the Blakes the idea to create their own parodies. The couple’s lighthearted take on a tough subject have been featured in Today, Huffington Post, Daily Mail and Buzzfeed among others.

The couple are now proud parents to two adopted sons. Whitney shared the following with TODAY: “After over seven years of infertility, I can say that while I will never love the heartache of infertility, I have developed an appreciation for how it has shaped my story. Infertility led me to my boys. I can’t think about life without infertility, because what if that would have meant life without them? Infertility is part of what created our family.”