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An LDS 11-year-old who died tragically following a parade in Nephi, Utah, on July 14 is remembered by her family as a “tender-hearted, intuitive soul.”

“Eleven and a half years was not enough, Goose,” the Eyre family wrote as part of Grace’s obituary. “You were much too fast for us.”

While attempting to pass out candy to a crowd gathered for the Ute Stampede Rodeo Parade, 11-year-old Grace Eyre was severely injured when she jumped off a truck and lost her footing, slipping underneath a flatbed trailer the truck was towing.

The driver, who did not know that Grace had jumped off his truck to distribute the candy, kept driving slowly along the parade route.

“Officers and numerous citizens immediately came to the aid of the victim,” Police Chief Michael Morgan said in a news release, according to

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