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A South Korean Latter-day Saint has been confirmed as a justice on the country’s Supreme Court. Youngjoon Kwon was nominated on June 9 and confirmed on July 19, 2023.

The Seoul native will serve for six years on the 14-member court.

Kwon, an Area Seventy since 2020, said his faith has been a major influence in his law work.

“The missionary service I did after entering law school — postponing my studies for a year — changed my life,” he said. “I met so many people in need and had so many deep conversations. I cried a lot of tears because I was very sensitive. Even though my studies were delayed by a year, my reverence for life deepened tenfold. I realized more quickly that law is also a study of life.”

Kwon also touched on his experience serving his neighbors as a Latter-day Saint.

“I wanted to connect my personal life to the welfare of the community,” he said. “I thought about how I could give back to the community with my time, talent and money, and I did that through my religion.”

In written testimony prior to his confirmation hearing, Kwon submitted various materials to Congress that emphasize the good the Church of Jesus Christ does in society.

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