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When we taste the presence of Christ in our lives, there is nothing more blissful or delicious.  As we bask in His alive-ness our world is transformed, because FEELING and KNOWING Christ, changes everything.

Profound Dream

Some time ago I had a dream that shifted my world.  In the dream, I was in a 2-story building overlooking a large multitude of people in a large town square.  The crowd unexpectedly became excited and I heard whisperings that Jesus was approaching the square.   I was instantly riveted and began searching the crowd to see him. 

Suddenly, the crowd parted, and I saw a tall man that everyone indicated was Christ.  He walked nearer and nearer to where I was, and stopped right under my window.  He looked up, smiled and said, “Hello Anne.”

My first reaction was to be so flattered and thrilled, sensing the crowds unified admiration. But only seconds later, as I went deeper in my spirit, I realized that this wasn’t right. I then said to the crowd, “I KNOW Christ, (and then I pointed to the man), and that’s NOT Him!”  I then woke up.

I lay in bed marveling at the dream, feeling a deep reverence in my heart.  The clear understanding that was revealed to me was that I know my Jesus, and I know WHY I know Him.  I have learned to recognize how His Spirit FEELS, because of the many times He has personally touched my soul.

How Do YOU Feel Him?

We have recently been urged by the Church to ask ourselves the question: How do you hear him? What a wonderful thing to ponder and clarify. The Brethren want us to become aware of the Lord through our spiritual senses.  I would like to add an additional question.  How do you FEEL Him? In the dream I knew that man wasn’t Christ, because I already knew how Jesus felt to me.

Christ is a Being of joy, love, and peace.  When we harmonize our mind and soul with Him, we can feel those emotions because He shares who He is with us. 

Teenager Experiencing Christ for the first time   

MaryAnne Butler Ashton “felt” Christ when she was a teenager.  She writes:

 “I had an experience with Christ when I was 17 years old.  I was an outgoing, fun person in high school but for some reason I felt “less” than I should.  I was struggling with self-esteem issues and one night turned to prayer.  In my own bedroom I knelt by my bed and cried…and prayed asking for comfort. 

“It was then that I suddenly felt I was kneeling over someone’s knees.  Then I felt a hand run down my head to my back…like petting a cat.  I dared not open my eyes but simply basked in the feeling of being loved and close to someone who loved me.  My spirit and body calmed and gradually I realized I was by my bed.  I finished my prayer, thanking Father for the comfort and climbed into bed.[1]

MaryAnne was given peace and calm as she FELT embraced by the Lord’s love.

We may not feel the Saviors physical touch as she did, but as we focus on Him pleading for hope, light and comfort, He has promised to give us His peace.” [2]  Do we believe Him?

The Spiritual Hunger that was Satisfied

When Elder F. Enzio Busche was a young man, he yearned to become a disciple of Christ, believing it was possible to be personally inspired and directed by the Lord as he searched for the gospel. He said, “As I was pouring out my heart, I was completely overwhelmed with a beautiful feeling of joy, confidence, and satisfactionI was no longer afflicted with distress, for light and hope entered into my soul.” [3]    

Elder Busche found the Gospel, and described the beautiful relationship that can only come between disciple and master.  He became FILLED with Christ. 

How Full Are You?

When my children were little and they would misbehave,  I would ask them the question, “How full are you?”  They knew that I was asking how full of love they were.  They would often respond by pointing down to their ankle or knee indicating that their level was low. I would then have them come and sit on my lap and hug them (infusing them with love) for a few minutes.  Every little while, I’d ask, “So how full are you now?”  They would point to their thigh, waist or higher on the body.  It wouldn’t be long till they would run off and play, because they were filled enough, and whatever the problem had been, it wasn’t capturing them anymore.

This is what Christ wants us to do. When we are “low” or “empty,” He wants us to fill up with HIS light; HIS joy; HIS “living water,” [4] as in the following tender experience.   

Rushing to the Savior

Rex Lowe had an intense, epic dream where He felt filled with the Lord.  He told me it was nearly impossible to describe the feelings.  He wrote:

“I dreamed I was walking along a road with friends, chatting away as a group of friends do.  Suddenly with no warning, I heard a voice calling my name, ‘Rex’…. ‘Rex’….. As I intently listened I realized that I recognized that voice.  It was my Savior’s voice !!!  I rushed forward running as fast as I could. The eyes of my understanding, and the hearing of my ears were opened telling me this was the Lord calling my name. He knew me! What joy! I was flying to Him as fast as I could.

“The tar of the road changed to gravel, and then to small pebbles, over which I slid and fell.  The pebbles then became stones, which became larger and more difficult to avoid as I tripped and fell, injuring my hands and knees. As I went headlong around a bend, the large stones became boulders over which I clambered and slid down the other side. I didn’t care a hoot about the personal discomfort, tears of joy splashing down my cheeks. My heart was pounding, and my throat was almost closed with excitement… Here I was within earshot of my Lord…

I then woke up, my eyes and cheeks wet with tears, my heart still pounding, my throat almost closed, my mind shouting in silence.  He called me! He knows me! What love surrounded me; almost a tangible feeling of spiritual warmth like being immersed in a breath of warm Divine love.  It was so exquisite, so indescribable…” [5]

What a beautiful description. The truth is, nothing is more magnificent than tasting Christ’s love, and it is available to all of us.

Connecting with Divinity: The Way to FEEL Christ

One of the keys to FEELING Christ is to purposely think of Him often in our ponderings and study. [6]  The sacrament prayer promises us that IF we will remember Him, THEN we will have His Spirit to be with us.[7]  What a simple spiritual formula to connect with the God of the Universe!

How can we “remember” the Lord?  Alma told us one way to do it.  He asks us to IMAGINE Christ.  He says, “…can you imagine to yourselves that ye hear the voice of the Lord, saying unto you…Come unto me ye blessed…?” [8]  How would that feel to you?  What would you tell Him if He walked into your room? What would you say to Him?  How would it feel to embrace Him? Imagine…

Christ’s love is NOT judgmental or condemning.[9]  When we FEEL Him, we are always enlightened, understood, enlarged, and infused with good feelings because He IS light and Joy.

Do You KNOW Him?

There is a certain intimate recognition in experiencing Jesus.  Like a fingerprint, our relationship is unique and personal. 

We can feel alive through Him because of our faith[10] and pleadings, causing His at-one-ment to resonate within us.  This is exactly the thing that our spirits crave.

Like MaryAnne, Elder Busche, and Rex we can partake of Christ’s delicious presence. When we continually “remember” Him, we will be FILLED with the knowledge and love of our Lord.  How full are you?

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