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When Josh Sales left his mission fourteen months early, he was devastated. He did not want to come home and still felt a deep yearning to build the kingdom of God. Unsure of his next move, he began attending college. About a year later, finding himself unfulfilled and drawn to something different, he took a leap of faith. Little did he know that he was about to begin a journey where he would be able to inspire millions to feel our Savior’s love using talents that he had been nurturing since childhood. 

Josh grew up in Spanish Fork, Utah. His wise parents set up a creation station for their kids to play on. This creative area housed a photography camera, a camcorder and a computer with all the photo, video, and audio video software they would need loaded on it.  As kids, they could play around and explore that creative outlet as much as they like. He loved to shoot videos of his friends making basketball shots or his siblings doing funny things. As he played, he developed an eye for angles and light. Josh’s older brother, Nick, began in the videography business and it gave Josh the courage to start a similar business in his footsteps. When he came home from his full time mission service in Peru, he refused to just pick up his old life where he’d left off. He yearned to continue his mission and the idea to start a channel devoted to pointing people to Christ through music. 

This was the driving force behind starting Christian Covers Official. Josh gives anywhere between five to ten hours a week to the content he creates for free. On this channel, he devotes his talents to building up the kingdom of God through the transcendent power of music. With his artistic gift and his signature glowing light videos, budding artists and seasoned professionals all clamor to have a music video shot by Sales. 

When I sat down with Josh, he was full of the Spirit and all smiles as he excitedly talked about how he would give up everything he had to serve the Lord. I asked him some questions about his goal with Christian Covers and what inspired him to create the platform. 

When did you first feel a pull to devote your talents to the Kingdom of God?

”I know that one of my covenant promises is to consecrate all that I have, if necessary, to serve the Lord. I am just a guy with a camera, but I know how to make a good video and I am willing to give that. I am so grateful for the talented people who are also giving their time and gifts to creating the inspiring content. It takes all of us offering what we have to create something great.” 

You don’t charge anything to the artists to create these professional videos. How have you persisted in creating these videos at no cost?

“Sometimes It has been really hard. I do make some pennies when the video is streamed, but not much, haha. There is financial pressure in living. I can feel the pull from the adversary because he knows how much good this does in people’s lives. It isn’t just financial stuff, but sometimes just fatigue or distraction pulls me away and makes me wonder if this is worth it. Last summer I felt really strongly to put on a Christian Covers Concert. We worked with forty artists, and organized sound engineers and the venue, etc. It was dozens of hours and thousands of dollars to put on. I had a lot of doubt about it. I knew it was a leap of faith, but I also knew this would be a great way to inspire people to listen to uplifting music. When you put your trust in God and take a step into the dark, that is when you start seeing miracles in your life. I gained 2-3 consistent clients the week of the concert. Although it was technically a financial loss, I have made more than I lost. I truly believe that If your desires are in the right place and are being used to build the kingdom of God, the Lord provides. This has been proven to me over and over. 

What other blessings have come into your life through doing this?

I love reading the comments on the youtube videos. It all goes back to saving one soul. If it has helped someone feel a little happier than they were yesterday, I am grateful.  In Alma, it talks about saving ONE soul.  For that one person, it was worth it. The worth of souls is priceless. So it isn’t about how many people I am reaching.. It’s about sharing my testimony and my love for The Lord. Being the means of helping others find the gospel. It feels like I get to continue my mission and that feels awesome, but I am reaching even more people this way. I think I have around 50 million views for my gospel-related content to this point.

Have you seen the hand of the Lord work during your shoots?

Yes! All the time. They may seem small or insignificant, but to a camera guy, it means the world! For example, when I shot the video for “I Will Carry You,” with Hallie Taylor and Brody Tomsick, we got to the location and it was crazy windy. I walked up to the bluff where I planned to shoot and the direction I planned to shoot was just impossible. I knew I wouldn’t be able to get a drone shot and the talent would look really wind blown. I said a quick prayer and I realized that if I shot in the opposite direction, the backdrop maybe even better. When we began to film, the wind died down and I was able to get all the shots I wanted and actually some were better than I had planned!  It was a tender mercy from the Lord and I see that all the time. When we open our eyes to see the hand of God, it is amazing to see Him at work in the details. My wife’s family has a saying: “God doesn’t do random” and I love it because it is true.”

Why Christian Music?

This is a question I have asked myself even to  this day. Church can sometimes feel very HYMNAL, and while I love it, sometimes we crave different tempos and beats. Spoonful of sugar– our generation is more inclined to listen to some of these songs. It draws people to Christ in a way that we don’t get while worshiping at church. There are multiple ways to praise God. There is a lot of variety on the Christian Covers channel. I love to make space for ALL of God’s children and this invites everyone who loves Jesus Christ to come and see.”

What else would you like to share with our readers?

It has been so inspiring to see all of the people who want to contribute and to view what is being created. Ultimately I want to help others come closer to Christ. The Lord works with what we have. I have really good video equipment, and when I film an incredible singer singing uplifting music, the Lord can make it more than what we can do individually. When we bring all of our talents together, the Lord multiplies it. Being willing to put in what you can is what it is all about.

How can we find you? 

Best way to reach is on his website or by email at: [email protected]