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“Behold, I will hasten my work in its time.”

Most Latter-day Saints may think that the changes in recent years—ministering, the 2-hour church block, or even the recent announcement that missionaries can talk to their families each week—are evidence of that pronouncement made by the Lord about hastening His work (see Doctrine and Covenants 88:73).

And most Latter-day Saints, when thinking about the “process of restoration”—for which President Nelson encouraged them to “eat their vitamin pills” and “get [their] rest”—probably don’t think of the annual Church Music Submission.

Nevertheless, Church Music Manager Steve Schank, quoting Elder Donald L. Hallstrom‘s words at a post-conference devotional last October, said our day is “an era of unfolding revelation” and that inspired music is very much included in that process. 

Schank, speaking at a banquet for the Church Music Submission award winners being honored at the Spring Church Music Festival, said he believes the work Latter-day Saint musicians do is an integral part of the continuing restoration of which President Nelson spoke. 

“The Savior is in charge of this work and the hastening of the work is His, but I testify that the hastening of the Savior’s work involves music at this time in ways that it never has before,” Schank said. “What a blessed day that we live in.” 

What is the Church Music Submission?

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