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How can someone stay consistent and committed to recovery and longterm healing after the devastating effects of pornography addiction? That is the topic of the latest episode of Illuminate, a new podcast that endeavors to shine light on the darkness of pornography. Licensed Marriage and Family therapist and author of Meridian Magazine’s ‘Your Hardest Family Question’ column, Geoff Steurer sits down with Brandon, an actively LDS man in recovery, to explore the answers to this difficult question.

“It’s not a destination, it’s a process,” says Brandon, “I’m still working to get better at those things, to be humble when confrontation arises.” Geoff and Brandon invite you to understand that process better through this episode. Whether you are struggling with this yourself or whether you are supporting a loved one in their own fight against pornography addiction, this discussion can offer important insight into how to communicate openly and effectively as you work together toward the goal of living addiction-free longterm.

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