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In this episode, Geoff Steurer interviews Jaylynn, a woman who was betrayed by her husband’s secretive pornography use. She talks about the healing process she’s been involved with for the past few years. Program highlights include:
  • This process has taught her that people can change
  • Healing can’t be rushed. Forgiveness and trust will come with time
  • Getting triggered by past betrayals is her “new normal” and how she copes with this new reality
  • It’s normal and healthy to feel these strong emotions as part of the healing process
  • Why forgiving and forgetting isn’t a helpful approach for women who have been betrayed.
  • Why it’s important to slow down and heal thoroughly instead of trying to get better quickly
  • The nature of betrayal and how it overwhelmed her ability to cope with life
  • How to find peace regardless of what your addicted spouse chooses
  • Why making your addicted husband your focus creates more chaos.