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In this episode, I interview Katy Willis and discuss how the body can be affected by trauma. We explore common changes to the brain, and basic options to help balance the brain again in the aftermath of trauma. We go into depth about the science behind yoga, and how it works for trauma healing.
Books to consider for further personal reading:
The Body Keep the Score, by Bessel van der Kolk MD
Meditation as Medicine, by Dr. Dharma Singh Khalsa and Cameron Stauth
Hatha Yoga Illustrated, by Martin L. Kirk, Brooke Boon, et al.
Katy’s Bio:
Katy Willis spends most of her time as a homeschooling mamma to her 4 energetic children. Katy and her husband, Mark, hope to add to their family through adoption. She graduated from BYU-Idaho with an Associate’s degree in Nursing in 2005, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Music in 2006. Katy currently runs her own small business called Be Still Services. Her mission is to help support individuals physically, mentally/emotionally, and spiritually in the aftermath of trauma so they can be still and find Jesus Christ. Katy has retired from working on the cardiac floor; however, is using her nursing skills again, but this time in brain wellness as a Quantum Neuro Reset Therapy (QNRT) Practitioner. QNRT is part of an emerging branch of the medical field called Quantum Neurobiology. She trained with Sariah at BackPocket Yoga for her 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training and Prana I course. Katy is a certified Karma Kids Yoga instructor. Additionally, she has studied with Felice at Tree of Life for Kundalini Yoga. She dreams of opening a brain wellness center in Northern Utah some day. Jesus Christ has been her rock through healing from betrayal trauma after her husband’s relapse with pornography addiction, as well as during high-risk pregnancies, miscarriages, and navigating through the world of adoption.
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