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In times of uncertainty and world conflict, our minds may turn to the past for insights. What have your experienced in your own lifetime that might help the next generation navigate these times? What did your parents, grandparents, and other ancestors live through that may guide your loved ones today? If you haven’t already written these stories, now may be a good time to do so. Writing can also help us process our own thoughts and find hope, resilience, and guidance.

This article is an abbreviated exercise from a live membership class we recently ran. It seemed appropriate to focus our writing on these matters since world events are in our thoughts these days.

How to write about hardship and war? Start with your own experiences: 

  • What conflicts, wars, disasters, or times of political upheaval have you experienced in your own lifetime? How did these events shape your circumstances, world view, and your character? What hardships did you or your family experience? 
  • Have you served in the military? (If so, see questions regarding service, and the Library of Congress Veteran History Project). Click here to read about the Veteran History Project

What effect did world events have on did parents, grandparents, and other ancestors

  • What world wars or other conflicts did your forebears survive? 
  • What experiences are in your family history about people having to flee a bad situation as refugees for political asylum or similar circumstances?
  • What are your family stories of courage or doing the right thing? 
  • What are stories in your family about the resilience of children? 

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