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It’s the first week of December 2022. Coming mostly from Somalia, tens of thousands of people, including many women and children, fleeing drought and war arrive at Dadaab camp in eastern Kenya. They are in desperate need of food and a greater sense of their God-given human dignity.

Thanks to the continuous efforts of the World Food Programme (WFP), these vulnerable groups are able to receive food, shelter and a moment of peace.

Habiba endured a 15-day walk with her children in a donkey cart to get here. “It was important for me to come because I needed food for my children,” she said. “We are pastoralists. Because of the drought [in Somalia], our animals died.”

Habiba and her four children have lived here for 14 years. She said they came in search of what anyone would want: “a place that is stable, that is peace for me and my children.”

Hassan is the same. “What I would want for my family would be that we would not have the refugee status in the future, that we would be the same as any other person, that we would have a better life than the one we currently are in,” she said.

Mohammed is a child in family of nine. His father is diabetic, his mother blind. He dreams of becoming a doctor.

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