Cover image: The usually crowded pavements of 42nd street are virtually empty in the wake of the Coronavirus.

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Even while dutifully caring for his congregants during a once-a-century pandemic, Woodside New York Stake President Jason Glass was reminded of a fact most local priesthood and Relief Society leaders know well:

Life happens.

On March 12, President Glass suddenly became ill.

“For 11 days, I was sick and in bed with respiratory issues, a high temperature, coughing, aches and pains and everything you read about that comes with the coronavirus.”

His wife, Kristina, and their daughter battled similar bouts. They’re all feeling quite a bit better, although Kristina Glass still can’t taste or smell anything.

While never officially diagnosed with COVID-19 because of local testing limitations, the Glass family is almost assuredly numbered among the tens of thousands of New York City residents to have been infected by the disease — including many Latter-day Saints. 

Scores of members have been or are currently sick. A few have died. And many more have lost jobs or have been furloughed.

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