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In November 2020, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints launched, an online tool that guides users through simple, daily spiritual exercises that help them improve their life and their relationship with God.

Alyson Coonrod, who has been using since April, said a missionary serving in her area introduced her to it. “It ended up helping me with things I was going through. I still struggle, but I’m more at peace with it,” she said.

Users can go to and sign up (so they can easily track their progress), then simply select a path or a journey to get started.

Paths are quick, 5-to-10-minute activities that cover a variety of topics such as “How to Pray,” “Forgiving others” and “Dealing with Disappointment.” A journey is a deeper dive into a spiritual topic such as “Relationship with God” and “Helping Others through Grief.” There are 14 total paths and 6 total journeys to choose from — with more being added all the time — that all help users grow closer to God through simple spiritual experiences.

Coonrod explained that because she didn’t know her father when she was young and had some unresolved feelings about him, she selected the “Forgiving Others” path to help her forgive him. “After so many years of dealing with what I do, it has helped me come to peace with it. I still deal with these things, but it helps now that I have this outlet to use.”

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