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The Friend to Friend broadcast on March 11 taught children about their divine identity as children of God, the steps in the plan of happiness and understanding how to receive revelation.

Primary General President Susan H. Porter and her counselors, Sister Amy A. Wright and Sister Tracy Y. Browning, introduced the broadcast — titled “We Are God’s Children” — by sharing their love for the children watching.

“Hello, children around the world. Welcome to another Friend to Friend,” President Porter said.

Sister Wright said, “We are so happy to be with you today, to learn more about Jesus Christ and His gospel.”

And Sister Browning added, “We hope you will feel Heavenly Father’s love for you in our program today.”

The Friend to Friend originated in English, Spanish and Portuguese and included a talking toucan, commentary from puppets, music videos, a grandmother from a previous program and a teenager who interacted with and helped teach the children.

Louie the Toucan from the November 2022 Friend to Friend began the March event by singing in a tree with his smaller bird friend, Gilbert. But as he turned his head, his beak knocked Gilbert out of the tree and into the hands of a teenager, played by Laura Fajardo-Riascos, age 18.

Louie lamented to Laura that his beak was always in the way, setting up some of the teachings to come later in the program.

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