Each year at Christmas, advertisers seem to step it up a notch and provide ads that are almost like short films and often celebrate the importance of giving, the warmth of family ties, and the chance to be thoughtful to those we love in more personal ways. Though we are not endorsing any of the companies or products below, they certainly made entertaining and heartwarming ads. Take a look:


The loss of loved ones feels particularly poignant around the holidays, but this Apple commercial captures the warmth and connection that can come from trying to hold on to the memory of those we love so much that are gone for now:


Sainsburys, who is particularly well known for their yearly Christmas advert, brought us a festive origin story for their offering this year:


Enjoy the beautiful animation and growing love between siblings in this McDonalds ad from the UK.


And speaking of (and with) reindeer:


As if E.T. wasn’t already famous enough for stopping at nothing to get home, now he’s coming home for Christmas: