Currently, FSY events are arranged so that just half the stakes in the United States and Canada can participate each year, with opportunities for participation alternating from year to year.

If you are unsure which year your stake is invited to attend or would like more information on the FSY locations your stake is invited to attend, a new letter from the Church can clarify these and other questions. (Note: you will need to be signed into your account on in order to read the letter).

Youth who turn 14–18 in 2023 are invited to attend FSY, and each participating stake is assigned sessions to attend. Due to logistical complexity, stake assignments cannot be changed. The letter also states that “FSY conferences are an anchor to the Children and Youth program and should be given high priority in planning.”

Registration for these events opens on January 24, 2023. To find your stake’s location and date assignment for 2023, you can search by stake name on this Church page.

Read the entire letter HERE.