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After 11 years and more than 1,600 performances at the Flamingo, Donny and Marie were honored by the city of Las Vegas with a key to the Strip and an upcoming star on the Walk of Stars.

On August 23, Donny and Marie received a key to the Las Vegas Strip, an honor shared by other celebrities and performers such as singer Britney Spears and Jeopardy! champion James Holzhauer.

“We’re so thankful for this city and all the love we’ve felt here through the years,” Marie posted on Facebook about the event.  

Only one key was provided for the duo, however, leading to a game of rock-paper-scissors to decide who would take the key. Though Donny won with a paper-over-rock move, Marie wasn’t deterred. In their iconic sibling banter, Marie joked, “No, I beat you up!” according to

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