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March 27, 2023

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JaneJune 10, 2016

I highly recommend what he has discovered is truly eye opening information!!

CMR SeraphimJune 9, 2016

The Book of Mormon was given to us so that we could learn the TRUTH about the gospel of Jesus Christ and about His birth, crucifixion and resurrection. Yet, I am constantly amazed and confused that so many scholars and learned men can read and quote 3rd Nephi, chapter ,and other Book of Mormon passages and still not understand what is right before their eyes on the pages. As this article emphasizes, the Nephites changed their calendar from their current Hebrew dates, to reflect the date that Christ was born: i.e., from Nisan 11 to Nisan (Aviv) 1. So in our terms, Christ was born on April 1 [Nisan 11], if we can correspond our Roman calendar to the changed Nephite calendar. According to 3rd Nephi, chapter 8, they were counting their days from Christ’s birthday, April/Aviv 1, to April/Aviv 4 [Nisan 14], when the sign was given of Christ’s crucifixion (the fourth day of their calendar first month of their 34th year). And since we know from Biblical sources that Christ arose on the third day (the first day of the week), the date of Christ’s resurrection would have been April/Aviv 6 [Nisan 16]. [Since the Nephites left Jerusalem before the captivity, their calendar names would have been the old Jewish names, not the Babylonian names on the current Hebrew calendar. Thus, Nisan (Babylonian name) was Abib, or Aviv, in the old Jewish/Nephite calendars.] According to 3 Nephi Chapter 8, Christ’s birthday was 4 days BEFORE Christ’s crucifixion and 6 days BEFORE Christ’s resurrection. If Christ was born on April 6th, as this article implies, and we know that the Passover lamb is ALWAYS sacrificed on 14 Nisan, and Christ [the Passover Lamb] was crucified on a Friday, 14 Nisan, and rose on a Sunday, 16 Nisan, how could His birthday have occurred on 6 Nisan, NINE DAYS before Passover? I submit that Christ was born on our Roman calendar date of April 1st, crucified on April 4th, and resurrected on April 6th [corresponding to the days in 3 Nephi 8], which is the logical date that Christ would have organized His Church. He had not earned the right to be the Head of His Church until He had completed His atoning sacrifice and had risen triumphant to claim His right to rule over His people as King of Kings and Lord of Lords. And, what about the first page of the Book of Mormon? It says Lehi and his family left Jerusalem in the first year of the reign of King Zedekiah. And the Book of Mormon repeats over and over that Christ was born 600 years from the time Lehi and his family left Jerusalem. The most reliable date of the first year of the reign of King Zedekiah is 597 B.C. [There is another date of 606 B.C. but it is not reliably proved to be correct.] Do the math. 597 plus 600 years = 3 A.D. not 1 B.C.! Or, 606 B.C. plus 600 years = 6 B.C. not 1 B.C.! 6 B.C. does not match any scenario. And absolutely no one has ever researched the date of 3 A.D. Why??? The Book of Mormon holds the answers! Regarding D&C 20 vs. D&C 21, a difference in the subtle wording of these two sections makes ALL the difference. D&C 20 has been proven to have been written by Oliver Cowdery. There are arguments both ways on this subject.

PatJune 9, 2016

I respect and try to follow our prophets but I remember they are human. I have lived long enough to see statements made by both Elder Talmadge and President Kimball proven false. Elder Talmadge prophecies in 1917 general conference that some in the conference would live to read the writings of the Lost Ten Tribes. If that has happened and I am unaware of it, please correct me, but I believe we can dismiss that statement as inaccurate. President Kimball told the church members that we now knew things about the lost pages of the Book of Mormon translation, this based upon what we discovered was a Hoffman forgery.



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