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September 26, 2022

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VardellApril 7, 2016

Thanks for the excellent article. It points out what the scriptures say over and over again, that God wants to bless us with our needs and wants but we need to ask , and along with that, we need to tell him "thank you" when we get it. Another thing you don't see in the scriptures is the phrase "help me." It may be very appropriate at times, but it's an interesting exercise to go through an entire prayer and not use "help me", thereby acknowledging His hand in all things, not "his and mine". For example, instead of "please help me with my lesson", try, "please wilt thou give me Your thoughts and Your words". It may seem just semantics, but it also shows complete reliance on Him.

ChrisApril 7, 2016

Thanks for your article! A few years ago I was traveling in Philadelphia and a coworker pointed out a building that had been used in a movie about the devil trapping people in an elevator. My coworker did not expect a serious response and probably did not believe there really is a devil. I told him that my experience is that the devil cannot physically disrupt the elevator. All he does is whisper that we should not even try to push the buttons. Then when we do push the button for our desired elevation, he whispers we should panic if the elevator takes longer than expected. The Holy Spirit counters the panic with a calm to enjoy the ride, the choice to choose a different floor next and the assurance of eventual rescue if we are stuck for a while.



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