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March 30, 2020

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NancyatChoicesApril 22, 2016

I am going to work on this and see how much it can help me. After I had surgery, I seemed to gain slowly over time and now it is a problem. Thanks

ElizabethApril 19, 2016

I have struggled with my weight since the birth of my last child and tried every diet going. I am now elderly and am 100 lbs overweight. My hip, legs, back kill me. This looks healthy and I am praying that it will work for me. Keep me in your prayers.

RebeccaKApril 12, 2016

I've heard that self-control is like a muscle, and that if a person strengthens it in one area of their life, it becomes stronger in all areas. I'm excited to give this a try!

MissourigirlApril 6, 2016

I enjoyed this article- can't wait to read more. We eat too much and too fast as Ameeicsns. We need to practice more mindful eating regularly.

Jane NelsonApril 6, 2016

Sounds interesting. You aren't actually denying yourself of things you want...just controlling portion sizes.

AmyMarch 23, 2016

I liked your analogy of the horse, using Alma's metaphor. I hadn't thought of it that way before and how you presented the concept makes me think I can actually do this.

Donna ThompsonMarch 17, 2016

Starches are my weak area so I try for one slice of bread instead of two or half of a sandwich instead of the whole, along with a drink (milk, Ovaltine) and fruit or something, as well. I feel satisfied, not hungry.

Margaret JMarch 16, 2016

I've been praying a lot lately that I would lose the desire for things my body doesn't need, and learn to recognize how much it really needs of the rest. I need to return to putting the fork down between bites. In the past before I got to the point where I loved and craved water, I would also take a sip of water between bites.

Donna MolgardMarch 16, 2016

Funny, I started basically doing this on my own in August 2015 and have lost 35.6 lbs. When I eat out, I order things that keep or reheat well and ask for a to go box at the beginning of my meal, cut it in half and set it aside. That way I am not continuing to pick at the food as we visit. Looking forward to this book to fine tune what I have been doing and hoping to lose another 40 lbs.

Mary AMarch 16, 2016

I agree wholeheartedly with what Jane Birch said in her comment. Read her book!

LoriMarch 10, 2016

Sorry, this sounds like another fad diet based on nothing but a guess.

Nerita FlakeMarch 10, 2016

As an avid Steven R. Covey reader, I always thought he was the author of Dr. Bridell's Half-Eat Diet. This sounds just like it.

Ms. JensenMarch 9, 2016

Are you Dr. Bridell?

Sonia FranciscoMarch 9, 2016

Ah...I saw one other comment wondering if this is a reveal of Dr. Bridell from times past. Incorporated some of those guidelines before, will try to add more this round. So, how long before your bdy guided yu to healthier choices and your appetite adjusted and could be trusted as Jane Birch said in her comment above that when we eat what we should be eating ie natural whole foods, our bdy knows how much we need of it. Nevertheless I do think the habit of overeating can mess up our appestats(sp?)regardless of what we sre eating,

Lana WilliamsMarch 9, 2016

This sounds like a very practical approach to dieting. I would love to read your book and give it a try.

JoAnnMarch 9, 2016

My mom has advocated this for years! It's time to listen! I love your books and would love to read this one

MelanieMarch 9, 2016

I would love a copy of this book! sounds like some great ideas!

Darlene NelsonMarch 9, 2016

I'm preparing for a knee replacement and know recovery always goes better if you are a healthy weight. I also recently had a fall and damaged 3 discs so your column will be followed by me. I find it motivating to read material on the subject of weight loss while I'm on the path.

Jane BirchMarch 9, 2016

Our appetite was given to us by God to help us know how much we should be eating. In normal food environments, it works superbly well for both humans and animals. It only does not work when we eat the very unnatural foods available to us today: foods that are over-stimulating and unnaturally calorie dense. Eating half means we ignore our appetite and go hungry. If we do this with wholesome foods, we will be even more hungry because wholesome foods are much less calorie dense. Does God want us to go hungry? He gave us an appetite so we will know how much to eat to satisfy our hunger and supply our energy needs, but for this to work properly we need to eat the wholesome food He prepared for us as outlined in the Word of Wisdom. If we do, we can allow our appetite to control the amount we eat. We will eat enough to not go hungry, to enjoy our food, and to still lose any excess weight. Isn't this a much more satisfying and healthy way to live? My concern with any diet that forces us to go hungry is that by definition it is a fad diet that can't last. The body appears to be much smarter than that.

Darlene HamlinMarch 9, 2016

I knew a sister that I admired that ate just like ths, small bites, put her fork down. She said that in time she found she knew when she did not want to take another bite. I should have listened to her years ago.

ToddMarch 9, 2016

Does this mean that the true identity of Dr. Bridell finally been revealed?

BrendaMarch 9, 2016

I am committing to try this until next Wednesday's article! I don't expect to be perfect. Each time I do that and I make a tiny mistake, I give in. But I am going to concentrate on how I feel when I have consciously executed my plan to eat 1/2 on my plate until I only serve myself 1/2 portions. I'm going to report back and tell you how I feel.



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