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June 29, 2022

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ESTIL A. TOWNSENDSeptember 27, 2015

I have also noticed That When Elder Scott spoke in general conference, that he spoke as if he was talking to a single person. I first noticed thisa few years ago. All he other speakers spoke to the masses, Elder Scott Spoke to the individual, Sometimes, to me.

Zilpha GardnerSeptember 25, 2015

Many years ago Elder & Sister Scott came to speak at a Stake Conference. At the end of the meeting we stood close by him as he shook hands with people on his way out of the building. Our family all had an extra special love for Elder Scott and we spoke of him often, As he walked away from us and we stood silently watching, our youngest son said "I'll bet that is what Jesus is like." Even a small child recognized his humility and his greatness.

Good ReasonSeptember 24, 2015

That's a beautiful compilation of thoughts by a beautiful man. I will also remember his very blunt talks about abuse, and the fate of abusers. He is one of the few that have ever broached this issue in General Conference.

JerrilynSeptember 23, 2015

Thank you for this wonderful tribute to a wonderful apostle. Elder Scott was one of my favourite General Authorities and like you, I counted the speakers in each conference, and like you, I missed his words to us last April. I was heartbroken to hear of his passing yesterday and yet, like you, I rejoiced that he was once again with his beloved wife. Thank you for sharing so many of his gems of wisdom with us. I love the example you have given us and will also start gleaning from his many addresses and words of inspiration to us over the years.



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