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September 26, 2022

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Kay MJune 13, 2015

I agree. I wonder if the art of communicating with one another on a personal level will be lost. A great message here for us all Joni. My cell phone is left in the car for the whole block when I go church and of course when I go to the Temple. Everyone knows that is where I'll be & if any emergency arises, it will still be an emergency which I will address when I come out of either of those special times that I have with Heavenly Father. For this purpose, I have not loaded email capabilities on my tablet. It only has Gospel Library & Deseret Book loaded. I don't want the distraction. Thank you Joni for your thoughts.

ShareeJune 11, 2015

Great message. However, if we total shut our phones off, how would someone reach us in an emergency? Monitor our calls, yes. Turn our phones totally off, no.

Janet G.June 11, 2015

Great, Joni! I love your Dr.Suess-type message! Good advice too, I just recently realized I am watching way too much TV. Thanks.



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